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Backup Exec BKF Repair Tool

Backup Exec BKF Repair tool offers a perfect recovery solution to restore corrupted or damaged Bcakup BKF files. This tool has the ability to restore backup Exec BKF files/BKF file which is created by the Symantec backup Exec or Windows NT Backup. Symantic Exec Backup Utility has the potential to create split or compress BKF files to avoid Backup corruption from exceeding BKF file size issues. But there are queries coming from many users that they have corrupted split and compressed BKF files. There is a possibility to repair NT-Backup created backup files and Symantec Exce created Backup, but not proven to be a success in restoring BKF files. This Restore Backup Exec BKF file software employs with advanced recovery algorithm to restore and extract the most authentic information from corrupt Exec BKF files and makes it accessible for further use. Also, it helps in providing a rich recovery experience at the user end and supports all BKF files and restores the maximum possible data from them. Via Backup Exec BKF Repair Tool, the files are restored in their original state, and can be saved at user-defined location.

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Noteworthy Key Features
  • Backup Exec BKF Repair supports recovery of backup created in NT-Backup and Symantec Backup Exec.
  • Simultaneously supports SQL databases recovery and extraction.
  • Backup exec BKF restore tool gives you a feature to search BKF files anywhere in the computer system.
  • Completely Restore Backup Exec BKF file in form of Split and Compressed form.
  • Users can perform either Complete scanning or Partial scanning to deal with and restore Backup Exec BKF file.
  • Smart Snapshot Feature to save the Backup exec recovery process for future precautions.

Remarkable Backup Exec BKF Repair Tool Features

Recover Compressed bkf file
Recover Compressed and Split BKF Files

Symantec Backup Exec Utility compresses and split the backup files, often damages the data while processing to recover BKF files at times of corruption. Backup Exec BKF Repair software employs advanced algorithm by thorough scanning of such files and restoring data in its original format.

Complete BKF file Recovery
Complete & Partial Scan Modes

Effectively scans the large-sized backup Exec BKF file instantly with flexible option to select either "Scan complete BKF file" or "Scan partial BKF file" for complete scan or partial scan of corrupted BKF file respectively.

NT and Symantec Backup Recovery
NT-Backup & Symantec Backup Recovery

Backup Exec BKF Repair Tool smartly supports BKF created by Windows NT-Backup utility as well as Symantec Backup utility(also known as VERITAS). Windows NT-Backup utility is one commonly used tool by window's users to create backup files. This Backup Exec BKF Repair Tool restores maximum data from corrupt BKF files.

Heuristic Scanning to restore bkf error
Employs Heuristic Scanning

Recovery of BKF file is done in two different modes: The two modes are Standard and Advanced. Choose the Standard mode for minor corruption while advanced mode for fixing the severe corruption issues. For much better results you can select Heuristic Scanning with advanced mode.

Quick saving of bkf files
Quick file Save option

After the complete scanning of Backup or Exec Backup file and recovery process, the user can save the recovered file at user defined location. Saving the recovered data at user-defined destination is convenient and make ease access of files at any moment.

create log file
Option to create Log File

The software provides a log button option to generate a log file of entire Backup recovery process which comprise of all the information of recovered BKF file in a text file which can be saved at user defined location.

Tree View Sturcture
Tree Preview Structure

Backup Exec BKF Repair tool shows a tree-structure in which the user can see all their recovered files and folders. If the user need to view the content of file then one by one check the files in left panel of the software.

save snapshot of recovered bkf
Save & Uploads Snapshots

One of the effective feature of Backup exec BKF file Restore Software is to save and update the snapshot of BKF recovery process at their user-defined location. This feature is saved and can be referenced for further future usage in order to avoid re-scanning.

Feature to Preview BKF file
Preview feature of Recovered Data

Backup exec BKF file restore tool offers preview feature that allow the users to view the selected file after it is successfully scanned. All the available file items are displayed in a hierarchical tree structure form. To preview any file click on the file item that view your file with additional feature.

Support and Compatibility
Broad Support and Compatibility

Supports BKF files which are created by NT-Backup and Symantec (VERITAS) Backup Execs. Backup Exec BKF Restore Software is thoroughly compatible with all the major versions of Windows operating systems also including Windows 10.

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Backup Exec BKF Repair Tool Screenshots

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Working Video for Backup Exec BKF Repair Tool

Trial Demo Version of Backup Exec BKF Repair Software

Backup Exec BKF Repair Tool comes with free demo version so that you can download this version and get familiar with all the features and functionalities of software prior to purchasing the full version. As the demo version only allows you to repair and restore backup Exec BKF file/BKF file, but with limitation as you cannot save the recovered output. Also you can see the preview of recovered data file in demo version. In case you need to save recovered data then full version of Backup Exec BKF Repair Software is required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can this Backup Exec BKF Repair Tool recover my SQL database from corrupt BKF file?

Ans. Unfortunately, you cannot recover your SQL database by this Backup Exec BKF Repair Pro. For Recovering SQL Database form corrupt BKF files, I will recommend using Backup Exec BKF Repair pro.

Q. I created my backup using Symantec Exec Backup Utility. Can I use this Tools?

Ans. It does not matter what you used to create your backup file, be it Symantec Backup Exec Utility or Windows NT-Backup Utility . Backup Exec BKF Repair Tools supports recovery of corrupt BKF files created by both of these utilities.

Q. Which recovery mode should I choose to get maximum possible data?

Ans. Basically Backup Exec BKF Repair tool provides 2 recovery modes i.e. Standard and Advanced. You need to select any of them as per corruption level of your BKF files. For example: if level of corruption is minor, choose the Standard Mode Or if BKF file corruption is very major, you should go for the Advanced Mode of recovery.

Q. Why we need to Compress and split BKF files?

Ans. Compress and split of backup file is only possible when you create backup with the help of Symantec Backup Exec Utility. Compressing help the users to reduce the size of backup files without causing any data loss or alteration. Generally, a Backups are built large in size, especially when you are working with Exchange Server. In such case, compressed file require to reduced in file size, which are splitted into multiple small BKF file into multiple parts if it's large in size.

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