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BKF Repair Tool

BKF Repair Tool for Windows OS is a proficient utility designed and developed exclusively to restore data from corrupt BKF files. This tool is enriched with recovery algorithm to perform maximum Backup recovery. The BKF Recovery is completely secure and safe in maintaining originality of file and folders' structure without altering data objects after recovering Backup files. Recovery software is a comprehensive windows based utilities employing innovative functions which restores and recover data from BKF files at user defined locations. BKF Recovery Tool works well and gives the accurate results with flawless Windows Backup BKF recovery that may consist of pictures, documents, mailbox files, music, and important files.

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Noteworthy Key Features
  • Fluently repair BKF file that is invalid (including Unicode characters) due to BKF file Corruption.
  • BKF file Repair Tool recover corrupt data from Backup files created by Windows NT-Backup Utility.
  • Feature rich to quickly scan large-sized corrupted BKF file i.e. more than 1 TB.
  • Smart Scan feature for advanced users that performs Partial and Complete BKF file recovery.
  • Multifunctional to save recovery snapshot and load it for further use.
  • Advance Search option that searches the Backup .bkf files in your computer system.
  • Get the Free version of BKF File Repair Tool for free evaluation.

Some Salient Features of BKF Repair Tool

BKF Repair Quick Recovery Feature
Safe Quick Recovery

It is quite safe to use this BKF Repair Tool to repair corrupt BKF files. The data integrity and original of file structure remains the after even after BKF Recovery. Also, it do not take much time in restoring BKF files, if user have large-sized BKF files.

Advance Search
Advance Search Feature

The advance search feature of BKF Recovery Tool allows the users to search their BKF files in the computer system. If have no idea where BKF files are stored, by the use of this feature searching for recovered files is easier.

Scanning Mode Repair corrupt BKF
Range Scan Modes

The range selection modes of BKF file Recovery tool allow the users to select recovery modes in "Range" to repair BKF files with two given options "Set complete range" or "Set partial range". With the help of Complete Range option; the corrupted BKF file will be scanned completely. In Partial Scan mode, the users will have to mention the left and right range.

instance scan restore corrupt bkf file
Instance Scanning

The tool will instantly and swiftly scan the large-sized BKF files without taking much time. A BKF file more than 1 TB of size has been successfully demonstrated by BKF Repair tool. You can scan up to 100 GB of .bkf files within just 60 seconds.

Recovered BKF Snapshot
Snapshot Feature

The BKF file recovery tool offers unique snapshot feature which allows user(s) to view snapshots of the recovered BKF file(s). It offers snapshots in two forms viz. "Load Recovery Snapshot" and "Save recovery Snapshot".

Data Integrity of Recovered backup
Maintains Data Integrity

Data Recovered using BKF repair tool ensures integrity of data and promises restoring of BKF files without affecting the original format or nature of data and the related data objects, as available in corrupt BKF file(s).

Tree View of backup files
Tree view Structure

After the process of scanning the corrupt BKF file is completed, the BKF file Repair software shows the tree view structure of the data stored. This feature helps the users to save the data in existing folder hierarchy at user-specific location.

Recover Backup Unicode character
Supports Unicode Characters

Unlike other repair tools which fail to recover Unicode characters, BKF repair tool understands Unicode, reads it and recover any data loss related to it. The tool reads the characters during the scanning process and recovers Unicode characters saved within the data.

Preview of backup file
File Preview Option

BKF Repair Tool provides the users a perfect platform to repair corrupt BKF files and also provides the option to preview the file by double-clicking the recovered files one by one in tree-structure. Supports previewing of more than 200 file types. Files only up to 10 MB of size can be previewed.

Maintain log of bkf file recovery
Log File Creation

The Software creates useful log file, which means there no need to rescan your file. With the help of log file which saves the BKF Recovery Process saved in a text format file.

Simple Interaction UI
Simple Interactive UI

The BKF Repair Software is very easy to use wizard. With this clear and simplified interface, it very handy for a non-technical user can restore BKF file from his system as well.

Rename Recovered BKF file
Rename Option

The Rename option in this BKF Repair tool allows the user to give a new name for the recovered backup files before they can save them in their original form.

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BKF Recovery Tool Screenshots

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Online BKF Repair Software's Video

Evaluate via BKF Repair Tool Demo Version

Customers are advised to download free demo trial of the BKF Repair Software available to evaluate and explore its performance and functionality before purchasing the full version. Demo version is fully functional with a limitation as it shows preview of files below 10 MB size as the preview of large size affect the performance of the software in demo version. To access and discover complete full featured software including Save File feature you have to purchase registered full version of BKF Repair software and solve all your Backup Corruption Errors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why we back up files?

Ans. Files Backup help you to protect your files from being permanently deleted/lost or changed case of accidental deletion or virus attack, or a software or hardware failure. If any of those things occur , then your files are backed up, which are now easily restored.

Q. Can I recover BKF files made by Windows NT-Backup Utility Tool?

Ans. Yes, this BKF file Repair tool can recover and repairs the files created by Windows NT-Backup Utility software. NT-Backup Utility tool is known to create backup of data of Windows OS and recover corrupted Windows Backup saved as .bkf file as well, but not successful on severe corruptions. So, this BKF Repair Tool comes in handy for severe corruptions.

Q. Facing various errors in my backup files. Can this BKF recovery tool repairs BKF errors?

Ans. If you are facing errors in backup files then there is a chances that your backup files might be corrupted. And this BKF recovery tool is known to recover corrupt backup files from any error faced by the backup files. Not only that, it is known as one of the best tools that resolve any types of errors in BKF files.

Q. Can this BKF file recovery tool repair split BKF files?

Ans. Yes, it supports to repair split BKF files, But I would advise you to go for our more advanced tool i.e. Backup EXEC BKF Repair Pro. This is an advanced software with more effective tool that can handle more complex corruption and recover and restore Split as well as compressed BKF files.

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Pricing Table for Different License

Single User License


  • Single Machine Installation
  • Lifetime Updates
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30 Days Moneyback Policy
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Administrator License


  • Multiple Machine Installation
  • Lifetime Updates
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30 Days Moneyback Policy
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Technician License


  • Multiple Machine Installation
  • Lifetime Updates
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30 Days Moneyback Policy
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